Cyber Operations & Research

Getting ahead of the situation

Our teams are constantly developing our services in contact with our clients. Nevertheless, there are also megatrends in the area of threats, especially in IT, that require additional attention. Our CORE research and development division works as a think tank on precisely this problem. The aim is to identify threats that are already on the horizon but have not yet materialized in real cases. Such attacks must be thought through in advance and practicable countermeasures must be developed.

CORE provides the basis for our tools and sees itself as an incubator for new services. However, we are also happy to work directly for you if you have an unusual special assignment. Our focus remains on the topic of (cyber) security.

We deliver rapid pre-developments, breakthroughs and prototypes. At the same time, previous security beliefs mean nothing to us. Move fast, break things. We work hard in a small team of top experts to counter future threats. If an attempt fails, we start all over again. Try hard, fail fast.

Our topics change regularly. The current focus is on attacks at source code level (engineering technology), the possibilities of AI (e.g. in connection with drones, the Internet of Things, phishing or red teaming) and the growing danger from state-sponsored actors in an increasingly polarized world.