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Risk Map

Security is a state of mind: complex, multilayered and dynamic. Security also depends on time and place as well as on your objectives.

Highlight your expertise and make your decisions more effective

Corporate Trust helps you to navigate complexity and provides you with a comprehensive and detailed global “big picture”:

  • Medical infrastructure and maintenance that is key to your local and international employees who establish business on the ground
  • Information security, to protect your company’s know-how, technology and innovation
  • Risks from corruption and nepotism that may silently extract millions from your company over years
  • Political risks jeopardizing the entire operational environment of your business within days and physically hindering business

With in-depth expertise in all matters security, the specialists of Corporate Trust developed a risk map that provides you with a comprehensive, yet differentiated view on security in the world.


Corporate Trust analyzed over 50 different sources leading us to four main risks we consider key for enterprises operating internationally: espionage, medical risks, investment security and conflicts & crises. For each main risk the constituting variables and risk ratings are displayed on each map in four colors, ranging from green (low risk) to red (extreme risk).


Understanding your need for a 360 degree view on security, we provide you with a map of your choice, showing a primary risk on a large map as well as the three other risk areas on smaller maps below. Choose the primary risk area from the categories below.

Corporate Trust primary risks:

Choose your primary risk and order your personal risk map with e-mail. Protective charge: 70, – EUR per report

Conflicts and CrisesMedical RisksInformation DrainInvestment Security

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