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Risk Map

Security is a state of mind: complex, multilayered and dynamic. Security also depends on time and place as well as on your objectives.

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Even before the Corona pandemic, the complexity of overseas security for business travellers and expats was high. Numerous variables played into the risk assessments: risk profile of the company, industry, nationality of the company and its travellers, geographical locations, and categories of security incidents deemed relevant. In most cases, a standard risk map cannot do justice to the particular interests of a given company.

Risk maps give the viewer a quick global and informative overview – but what about the details? Many risk maps show individual risks summarised into an overall risk rating for a particular country. But can these risks simply be lumped together? And what do they mean? Every company is so unique that it makes more sense to compile the individual threats that are relevant to it into a tailor-made risk map.


Security specialists collect and evaluate specific threats to create the Customised Risk Map. For this purpose, different databases and published statistics are analysed and evaluated worldwide.

The 253 countries and territories are classified for each risk topic in four levels: low, elevated, high and very high, so that no neutral middle rating can be chosen.

For this classification, up to four different threats can be used for each issue and applied to the risk levels. The model’s core is the formula by which a risk is composed of the basic threats. These threats are recorded and monitored in a special internal database at Corporate Trust GmbH.

This allows an individual risk map to be created according to the client’s needs.

Based on a threat analysis, a customised model can be created for clients. This involves creating a risk profile of each client (private individual or company), defining what constitutes threats and determining the desired topics to be investigated. Once the experts of Corporate Trust GmbH have classified the risk ratings of the specific threats with the help of databases, reports and statistics, it can be determined how high a respective risk is in a given country.

Such a custom risk map can be created and updated once, annually or even quarterly, depending on the client’s needs.

If you are interested or have any questions about a Customised Risk Map, please contact us at travelsecurity@corporate-trust.de