Effective protection against espionage

Espionage in businesses by foreign intelligence services, organized crime, and competing companies is increasing significantly. Corporate Trust specializes in defending against such attacks, offering the full spectrum of services: holistic information protection plans, awareness training for employees, espionage investigations, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM / bug sweeps), and the planning of secure meeting rooms and communication.

Baulicher Abhörschutz
  • Threat analysis
  • Creation of an eavesdropping protection concept
  • Planning of bug-proof rooms and vehicles
  • Prevention of compromising radiation
  • Shielding cabins / modular shielding
Sweep Spionageabwehr
  • Threat assessment
  • Technical search for hidden audio and video devices
  • Physical examination of objects
  • Check for optical spying equipment
  • Check of electrical lines
  • IT-forensic examinations of digital devices
Schutz Kronjuwelen
  • Threat and protection need analysis
  • Information protection concept & audit
  • Cyber resilience analysis
  • Briefings von Führungskräften
  • Spy-proofing of digital devices for international travel
  • Investigations and IT forensic investigations of suspected breaches