Personal Protection

Protect yourself before the threat becomes a reality

Wealthy families generally prefer to live discreetly and avoid the public eye. However, complete invisibility is not possible. Children and young people in particular are at risk of carelessly publishing private details on social media.

With Family Care, our personal protection plan, we increase your personal security. A variety of measures create an invisible protective shield that provides you with maximum protection without interfering with your personal lifestyle. From concepts for securing your home to counter-surveillance measures and direct personal protection, this invisible protective shield can be individually designed. To ensure the security of your devices and the confidentiality of your personal data, we also offer Digital Personal Protection.

Personenschutz Family Care
  • Visibility analysis with darknet searches
  • Setting up information blocks
  • Property security
  • Private IT security
  • Counter-surveillance concept (K 106)
  • Background checks on domestic staff
  • Crisis hotline 24/7
  • Emergency plan
  • Training on security-conscious behavior
  • Personal protection app
Direkter Personenschutz
  • Preparation of a personal risk analysis
  • Creation of a personal protection concept
  • Direct personal protection in everyday life or in special situations
  • Close protection on travel abroad
  • Independent risk analysis and active measures
  • Close protection specialists with government agency experience
  • First aid and safe handling of medical equipment
  • Very good manners and knowledge of English
Corporate Trust Personenschutz App
  • Personal protection app for recording anomalies
  • Monitoring of personal data available on the darknet
  • Regular checks of private WIFI/internet landline and websites
  • Checking smart home devices and securing the home zone
  • Hardening private IT devices against external attacks
  • Raising family awareness of behavior online
Corporate Trust Objektsicherheit
  • Vulnerability analysis of existing security measures
  • Individual concepts for securing private and commercial properties
  • Perimeter and building front security
  • Access control and authorization management
  • Innovative mechanical and electronic burglary protection
  • State-of-the-art fire and burglar alarm technology
  • Video surveillance planning
  • Security management and alarm plan for intervention